The CyberBugTM is one of the first in the UAV world to offer a low cost solution to law enforcement and the Military, providing the capability to provide routine surveillance and communication in crowded or remote locations providing authorities the ability to provide cost effective surveillance over areas without the monetary burden that typically occurs when other airborne assets or people are used. The system is truly unique in that the control station is based upon the Windows XP operating system. This system could be a driving force for the future development of UAV’s. The CYDF system provides the owner with the ability to control the camera and UAV from areas remote to the plane. An example is that one current proposal to the DoD is that the UAV be provided to ground troops and used in preprogrammed missions. The observer could monitor for hostile activity from a remote location from inside the US with the ability to notify forces in theater of potential areas of concern, providing control of the cameras as well as the operation of the vehicles from this location.

The product is scalable and provides camera solution on both the small 2.6 pound platform as well as significant cameras solutions for day and night vision on the larger 8, 14 and 40 pound platforms which also have the capability to fly on station in a programmed or manual mode for up to eight hours, traveling at speeds of 30 MPH with a camera foot print of 300 x 300 depending on day or night view. CYDF has tentative reseller agreements with several companies who provide cameras and or sensor products thus enabling Cyber to “piggy-back” established sales channels of these reseller companies.
The CyberBug participated in demonstrations with Maryland State police, Houston TX law enforcement Atlantic Strike II, III and IV training exercises, Eagle Rescue and most recently a proof of concept demonstration with the Florida Emergency Operations Center. The Atlantic Strike exercises were hosted by USCENTAF (Exercise POC: Major Brian Carsell; UAV POC: Major James “Rainman” Hoffman) and held at Avon Park Air Force Range, FL. The objectives of the exercise were to train, gain knowledge, learn new UAV systems, and evaluate lessons learned for future use in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cyber Defense Systems brought three UAV systems; a small, medium and large CyberBug UAV. Cyber Defense was one of three UAV vendors invited to participate in the exercise; and their UAV system was the only one to have no mishaps during the three-day operation. The CyberBug has also participated in several NATO exercises with outstanding success. Currently, the Naval Post Graduate School, The U.S. Air Force Academy and the U.S. Forestry Service all own and operate CyberBugs.

During the Atlantic Strike exercises, the medium and large CyberBug flew over Twenty-one sorties. Several times the flights were conducted with three different UAV systems in the air at the same time, over a mock Iraqi village. There were also HH-60 Helicopter Gunships providing live fire and F-15E fighter jets, in addition to other manned aircraft, providing close air support, while the CyberBugs provided an eye in the sky and a visual on targets at all times. The CyberBugs were the only UAV systems present with a gyro stabilized pan and tilt camera system. This allowed the CyberBUG to stay on target no matter where the UAV was. The CyberBug also demonstrated the capabilities of launching from a rooftop or tower, without the use of a launch device. Overall, this exercise demonstrated how UAVs can operate in the same airspace as manned aircraft, and enhances the capabilities of the troops on the ground. The initial acceptance of the CyberBugTM has led both law enforcement and Military forces in several countries to believe that the CyberBugTM is ideal for use in covert missions as it is silent (electric) and the on station duration for one hour. The CyberBugTM product allows users to view data captured by sensors from a wireless product to any location throughout the world providing a significant advantage in a low cost solution to surveillance.

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