CyberScoutCyberScout was designed with the primary goal to be a small, configurable, and easily modifiable UAV aerial platform, which combines the VTOL, and hover capabilities of a helicopter with the high-speed forward flight capabilities of a fixed-wing aircraft. A secondary design objective was to “modularize” the major components of the aircraft to allow the platform to be optimally configured with different major components so that it can cost effectively meet varied mission requirements. This means that the CyberScout can “evolve” over time by incorporating new systems and technologies by easily upgrading major system components.

All units will have basic functions for low-cost, clandestine reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition. The CyberScoutTM’ is being designed with features designed to enhance mission flexibility and survivability such as reduced infrared and acoustic signatures, fully autonomous day/night capability, and tactical-level endurance at any airspeed from hover to 250 knots. The CyberScout’s innovative design combines the benefits of VTOL aircraft with high-speed forward flight. Additional planned features include an obstacle avoidance system that allows autonomous urban operation and an automatic flight stabilization system that permits the aircraft to constantly maintain controlled flight.The CyberScoutTM essentially combines the capabilities of a helicopter with the advantages of a fixed wing aircraft.

This UAV is in the development stage and has a targeted endurance of 60 minutes, an operating altitude of 15,000 feet, and an operating range of 30 kilometers. The UAV payload can provide live video transmission and performance data to its ground control station, which can store captured data for later retrieval.

Training offered by Cyber Aerospace is an additional $1950 and is instructor-led at the vendor location or client site. A product manual and computer simulator is included with each UAV system. Support offered by the vendor at no additional cost includes phone support, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST, and e-mail support. Repair service and client on-site support is available for an additional cost.

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We are currently marketing the CyberBUG(TM) UAS to various Departments and Agencies of the U.S. Government and allies as multi-use platform capable of deployment in a broad spectrum missions and applications. Read more »


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